Full Brand Image

Why is this important?

The image of your brand is the key to identify your product, an endorsement that guarantees its quality and the basis for consumers to trust your company. That is why it is so important that all the pieces have consistency between them and that they follow a consistent pattern.

What would happen if I asked different people for different pieces, at different times?
Your brand image would not be coherent; therefore, you would confuse the consumer and would give a much lesser professional image, which will definitely have a negative effect on your sales.

Do you provide branding, print, web or video packages only?
Sure!. Tell me what you need and I’ll give you a tailored quote.

These are the steps that will help your brand to succeed, right from the start:

1. You decide to hire the services of a professional with a lot of experience such as Kreakolor, which will develop a complete brand image product for your business.

2. You ask me to have an informal 15 minute free chat in whatsapp or skype.

3. We talk about your business idea and what you want to achieve.

4. I send you my quotation, tailored from the prices that you can find on this website.

5. You accept the offer and make a payment of 50% of the total amount


6. Custom logo design with your brand in mind

7. If you want, I will define the rest of your corporate image with a 30 pages brochure where it is established which typographies, iconography or colours are going to be the common thread of your brand so that everything makes sense.

8. I will work on the pieces you need; such as business card, leaflet, brochure, video… with your personalised image and tailor-made for your business.

9. I will create a website that will really conveys the spirit of your product, not something that would work for anyone, but also well-informed website or a Marketplace if you want to sell from your web.

10.  You are set to go. The sky is the limit!

This is how you can destroy your brand right from the start:


1. You decide that anyone can make your company’s image because this are just drawings that you can find on the internet.

2. You ask your neighbour, who knows a bit about Photoshop, for a logo and he will make you something amateur, without quality and unprofessional.

3. You take your low quality logo to your local printing service, and they will make you some standard business cards, which would not differentiate you from any other competitor.


4. There and then you ask them to make you some flyers with any photo and an improvised text because there is an offer.

5. Your cousin, who knows a bit about computers makes you a website without understanding your product, inserting the bad logo and the bad photos chosen by your neighbour, without any sense of integration with your brand. And of course, the resulting website will not run in mobiles or tablets!

6. Shoddy work with a cheap inconsistent image that will involve lowering the prices of your product in order to sell.

7. Guaranteed failure!

What do I offer instead?

I take care of your complete corporate image from the logo to the website, so that you only have to worry about selling your product from the moment you open your company.


The corporate image will be designed
in full with all the pieces you need .

Tailor-Made Design

The design of all the pieces will be unique and exclusively designed for your business. We do not use clip-arts or templates that would be valid for anyone. I will create a solution that will provide you with an image fully in accordance with your business needs.

Two Months Support

Support will be provided in case you need to print more pieces or if something in your website is not working properly.

In Less Than Two Months

Once we receive the complete input we will have your corporate image ready in less than two months, depending on the number of pieces required. Seriousness in the deadlines.

Adapted To Your Needs

The number of pieces can be extended in terms of number of pages, versions in other languages, sizes, etc.


The photos will be downloaded from a good image library in the internet, with licensed images, ensuring good resolution. If you need to put on your website or brochure a specific image of your business, please make sure it has good resolution. If you do not have such an image, it would be recommendable hiring a professional photographer.

What is it included?

It depends on what you want, but I offer three packages so you can
choose the one that best suits your needs and your product.

  • Choose

  • Choose

    your plan

  • LogoLogo
  • Corporative CardCorporative Card
  • Brand GuideBrand Guide
  • Flyer A5Flyer A5
  • Leaflet TriptychLeaflet Triptych
  • BrochureBrochure
  • PosterPoster
  • Merchandise Merchandise
  • Basic WebsiteBasic Website
  • MarketplaceMarketplace
  • VideoVideo
  • Basic


  • £1497

  • Logo
  • Corporative Card
  • Brand Guide
  • Flyer A5A5 Both sides
  • Leaflet Triptych
  • Brochure
  • Poster
  • Merchandise
  • Basic Website5 Pages
  • Marketplace
  • Video
  • Corporative


  • £2497

  • Logo
  • Corporative Card
  • Brand Guide
  • Flyer A5
  • Leaflet TriptychTriptych A4
  • Brochure
  • PosterA3
  • Merchandise 1 Piece of your choose
  • Basic Website
  • Marketplace5 Pages + 10 Product
  • Video
  • Premium


  • £3997

  • Logo
  • Corporative Card
  • Brand Guide30 pages
  • Flyer A5
  • Leaflet TriptychTriptych A4
  • Brochure8 Pages
  • Poster50X70 CM
  • Merchandise 3 Pieces of your choose
  • Basic Website
  • Marketplace10Pages + 20 Product
  • Video1 Minute

If you want one of the above packages but want to include or remove any of these services, I will send you a personalised quote. It may also be that you want more pages on your website or brochure. I will tailor the product and price to you needs.

Loose pieces

These are the prices for each piece, but if you need several pieces as part of your product, I can tailor a package and a price to suit your needs.

  • Loose


  • Logo
  • Corporative Card
  • Brand Guide
  • Flyer A5
  • Leaflet Triptych
  • Poster/ Rollup
  • Merchandise
  • Brochure
  • Basic Website
  • Basic Marketplace
  • Marketplace
  • Video
  • Prices


  • 2 options£ 117
  • £ 117
  • £ 247
  • Both sides£ 97
  • A4£ 147
  • 50X70£ 147
  • 1 Piece£ 97
  • 8 Pages£ 247
  • 5 paginas£ 997
  • 5 pages 10 products £ 1497
  • 10 pages 20 products £ 2497
  • (1min)£ 247

Not Included


It is important for you to know this…

I do not modify logos or images in bad resolution

If you need this service, contact me and I will give you a separate quote.

I do not prepare your texts

The texts for your website or brochures should be sent to us by you, as you are the one who knows your business well. With the material you send me I will design your brand and optimise it to help you generate revenue.

I don't fix any piece from another designer

I redesign everything from scratch with the best software that results in the best quality for you

I don't fix pages made in Wix or any other website builder.

I create pages from scratch with WordPress and the Divi theme, but I do not adapt ready made pages.

These prices do not include printing

It will depend on the volume of pieces to be printed, the quality of the paper, where it has to be delivered… Ask me and I will find the best option for you.

These prices do not include domain name

You need to pay for the domain I can make your domain in “Siteground”; hosting is free for the first year, and after that, you can either contract maintenance with me or migrate the site to your own hosting.

These prices do not include adding new pages or the maintenance of your website

Yearly web maintenance £250, includes text and photo changes, but no new pages; each new page will be added to the existing website for £100 additional to the base price.

How can I help you?